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Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Ideas For 2019 | ($2 - $5 Leads For Real Estate Agents)

In this blog post we're gonna break down some different real estate marketing ideas that you need to go through and implement into your business, because these are some of the most cost-effective ways to go through and market your real estate business. And we've been consistently seeing leads generated for two to five dollars per lead, using these exact strategies.

We actually just had a client jump in, use these exact strategies, and just this past week, he was able to generate 65 new real estate leads in his local area for just 98 cents per lead on average. So, we're even seeing, sometimes, leads were a lot lower than two to five dollars per lead. And if you guys stick with me here to the end of this training, I'm gonna show you guys how you can get our listing leads and our buyer leads. If you don't have any listings training, 100 percent for free, all right?

Now, let's break into some of these real estate marketing ideas and how you can go through and implement them into your business. Now, I'm gonna show you guys some of the different concepts that I'm using for my own business, and really, the concepts and the strategies are exactly the same. So, the very first thing you want to do is, go through, and you want to shoot a video. It only has to be 90 seconds to two minutes, just like this one you guys are seeing right here on your screen. I posted this on my Facebook page, and if you're thinking, "Man, I don't know if I have the equipment, or I don't want to be in front of a camera," or any of that stuff, guys, I just used my iPhone.

It really was not that difficult to go through and shoot this video. And it's about a 90 second to two minute video, and all I'm doing in this video is telling people who I am, what I do, and how I can help them, right? I don't even have any call to action to anything on this video. You can see right here, it says,

"Hey, my name's Jason Wardrop. I specialize in real estate lead generation over the past 12 months. And it'll generate all these leads, work with a lot of brokers and agents and all that."

And there's no call to action whatsoever, right?

The reason why I'm doing this is because if people have never heard of you, they have no idea who you are. You're not gonna go through and say, tell somebody that you randomly meet on the street, "Hey, click here and go buy something from me." Right? You're gonna actually introduce yourself first and connect with them, so then later on in the relationship, it's gonna not be so awkward when you ask them to go through and work and do business with you.

Another reason why I really like to go through and do this is, using Facebook advertising for just, like, one to three dollars per day, you can get people watching this video right here for just one penny per video view. So, if you compare that, let's say, you're running a Facebook advertising campaign and trying to get people to click to your website or your blog, you're typically gonna be spending about one dollar per person that clicks to your blog, right?

So, one dollar compared to just one to maybe even two to three cents to get someone to watch this video, and the reason why that's the case is, because Facebook, they like to keep everyone on Facebook. So, if you're sending them away from Facebook, typically, they're gonna charge you a little bit more money. And a really cool thing about anyone that's watched this video, we can actually go through and track every single person that's watched that video for 10 seconds, 25 percent of the video, 50 percent of the video, or even the entire video.

So now, we can go through and find out who's watching our video and who is in that ideal market. We want to go through and re market and re target with other ads to bring more leads into our business, and these leads, they're more qualified because they've already seen this video. They know who you are. They hopefully, like you a little bit. And, they know how you can actually help them. So, when they see that second ad, it's just not, you're not just some cold stranger off the street. They've kind of seen this video. They've got a sense of who you are, what you do, and a little bit of your background.

Okay, so now, the second marketing idea that you should go through and put into your real estate business is now, once we've got this audience of people that are watching this video, we can go through and re target all those people with a listing leads ad. So, if you have a listing, and you want to through and market, you can actually go through and show this exact ad right here, which has been consistently getting leads for two to five dollars per lead. And, that one client that we're working with, that I told you guys about, this just this past week, generated 65 leads at just 98 cents per lead, was using this exact campaign right here, all right?

So, if you have a listing to go through and market, this is absolutely perfect. I'm gonna show you guys kind of the process here in just a second. Or, if you don't have a listing, you're like, "Man, Jason, I'm brand new. I don't really know how to go through and get a listing." Go connect with some other agent in your office, and use their listing, obviously, with their permission, of course, and then go through and run this campaign.

Because this one generates leads like crazy.

So, basically, the concept of this is once somebody sees this ad, they're gonna see this on their Facebook mobile, or Facebook desktop or mobile news feed. Then, once they go through and read it, they'll say okay, see it before it hits the market. There's a new listing, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, go here to get the price, location, plus more pictures.

They click on this, and instead of going to your main website or your blog, we're sending them to this landing page. Because a landing page actually converts a lot higher. It converts 10 to 25 times more people that visit this page into actual leads, as opposed to your main website or even your blog, right?

So now, when they click here, we say, "Hey, get instant access to the price and pictures of this property." They click "Schedule your showing." They put in their name, email, and phone number, and hit submit. At that point, this person becomes a lead in your database. Now, you might be looking at this and like, "Oh, man, Jason, that's awesome." And the reason why this converts so well is because if you look at this, there's no other distractions on the page. No other blog posts, no other ads, no other links. Anything else is just a basic, "Hey, get instant access to the price and pictures of this property."

Okay, now don't worry if you're not technically savvy and don't really know how to get this all set up. We've actually got a software that you can get a free seven-day trial down below in this subscription, or down in the description, where we can actually go through, and we have these pre-built templates set up for you guys so that you don't really have to do a lot of the heavy lifting. So, these are some example landing pages right here. But just to show you guys how quickly and easily we can get a new landing page set up is, we just come down here. We click on another lead page, and we have all these different options.

We've got the listing leads campaign, the open house leads, seller leads, seller leads, buyer leads. If you don't have a listing, we have mortgage leads campaigns. And, if you guys subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell, we're actually gonna be launching new lead generation campaigns every single week, right here exclusively on this channel. So, make sure you guys hit that subscribe button.

Also, if you guys have found this video helpful, go ahead, give it a thumbs up right now. Because we're gonna be launching new Facebook ads, new landing page campaigns, new email follow up campaigns every single week, right here on this channel, exclusively for you and all subscribers.

So, let's say we're going through and setting up this listing leads campaign. All we gotta do is, click on this listing leads campaign, click "choose." This is gonna take us into the website builder, where you can edit out the images, the texts, videos, anything, and customize it to you and your business.

Now, the cool thing is ... Look at this, guys. We've already got the headline, the sub headline, and the call to action already done for you. Okay? So, you really don't even have to, like, touch it. Maybe, though, you want to go through and customize that background image to be an actual image of your listing. So, all you need to do is, just click on the section. It says, "Click to edit this section." Just click right here. We come over here, we can edit out any part of this whole page, and customize it to you and your business. We just click on "Choose new image."

We come over here, we click on "My images." And we can upload your image to your listings from your desktop, right here. Okay, now, I've already got a few that are already uploaded, and they're stored in this database. So, let's say this is my listing. All I'm gonna do is click right here on this image. We can crop, edit, rotate, do whatever we want. We hit, "Use this image." Boom, just like that, guys. Like, how simple is that, to go through and change out that background image, and customize this to you and your business, right?

Now, sometimes people are like, "Well, Jason, I don't have 36 photos of this listing, right? So, what am I gonna do there?" Well, no problem. All you gotta do is, come over here to the side, and just click on, just say, maybe, you got 27 photos, or maybe you got 19 photos, or whatever it is. And then, once you're set and ready to go, you just hit "Save." It says, "Website saved and published." And you are ready to go.

So now, if we come back out here, let's click "Exit." We can go through and see what this landing page looks like, that we just got set up. So, this is it, right here. The listing leads. We click right here, and we've got the background image that we've updated. We've got "View 19 photos now." They've put in their name, email and phone number, hit submit, and they become a lead in your database.

That's pretty cool, right? So, if we come back here, another really awesome thing that we've done for you guys is, we have all of the follow ups already pre-built for you, okay? So, you don't even have to copy and past emails. You don't have to do anything. Like, literally, with just a couple of clicks, you already have all these emails for the first day, third day, sixth day, eighth day, nine day, like, the first 10 days follow up already pre-built and done for you.

And, if you look over here, you have all the email stats of how many emails were sent out, how many emails were opened, and how many were clicked on. And then, our system will actually track all these leads that come in, and keep track of all the activity, so you can go through and see which leads are actually engaging with your brand.

And, if you guys want to go through, if you want to go and edit one of the emails, just click on one of these, and you've got the whole follow up right here. And you can easily go through and edit out any part of this email, or just leave it as is, because it's already kind of pre-built and done for you. So, you can click through all these emails and see, they're already done for you. They're already customized for you and your business. And it makes your life a whole lot easier.

So, as I mentioned earlier, guys, if you guys want this listing leads training, just jump down in the description. Get a free seven-day trial, and we will share this listing leads step by step training, how to get the Facebook ad completely set up, the exact Facebook ad template, the landing page template, the email follow ups, everything from A to Z, to help you start generating leads for your listing.

Remember, we're consistently seeing leads with this exact campaign for two to five dollars per lead, on average. And, we had that one client just this past week was able to generate 65 leads at just 98 cents per lead. Now, I'm not promising you that, that you're gonna get those exact same results, but we are seeing leads for two to five dollars per lead on average, with this exact campaign.

All right, so, the third real estate marketing idea I want to share with you guys is also for a buyer lead campaign, but if you do not have a listing quite yet. Okay, now Facebook ads, guys, is consistently the most cost-effective way to go through and generate leads. And that's why I'm sharing all these different Facebook ad campaigns, these templates, with you guys. Because the results that we're seeing from these campaigns, these ads, the landing pages, the follow up, it's just amazing, right?

So, this one is if you do not have a listing, but you still want to go through and work with buyers. You can see it right here. Attention, and then your city, just fill in the blank right there. Do you know anyone, or are you or do you know anyone looking to buy a home? Follow here. Clicks them out to an actual landing page, and you can kind of see what the rest of this looks like. Banks, your name, personalized. And so, on this actual ad, we want to run this from your Facebook page. Okay? Not your Facebook page that has your company logo on the profile picture and your business name, but your Facebook business page that has your name right here. It's got your profile picture.

Because we want to go through, and we want to have that consistent branding. Okay?

Remember back here on this first video, if you're shooting a video telling about who you are, what you do, and how you can help somebody, and they're seeing your face, you want the consistency of your face popping up again in their news feeds so they can be like, "Oh, yeah. I remember that person. They're the one that was talking about their a real estate agent. They helped me buy or sell my home." Or whatever it might be that you focus on doing, and they can kind of make that connection.

So, once again, this is what the actual Facebook ad looks like, and for all those who jump in, if you're not already a customer of Arsenal MKG, if you grab the link for a free seven-day trial down in the description, we will also hook you guys up with this buyer lease, no listing setup. This is step by step, we show you guys how to get the Facebook ad, the targeting, everything. And everything is updated with Facebook ad's new algorithms, all their new updates. So you guys are gonna be getting all the latest and greatest.

So, we'll show you how to set the landing page, the automated emails, the Facebook tracking. Everything from A to Z, to start generating leads for your real estate business. And, just once again, showing you guys back here, we already have this pre-built landing page inside the system that makes it so much easier for you, as you're going through and getting this all set up, because let's face it guys, I know that your key skillset is to go through and work with other people one on one, going through and showing them a home, connecting with them at an open house, or just dealing with people. It's not going through and doing all the tech setup. So, we made this as simple as possible for you.

And all you gotta do is click "create another lead page," go over here to the buyer leads, no listing one right here. Click "choose." And once again, there's just some simple, basic updates where it says, "Welcome to," you put in your city. Okay? If you want homes under 300,000, 500,000, whatever the number is, and you go through. You make these edits. You can come up here, give it a name, so demo landing page, and then we'll say for buyers.

Okay, we'll come over here. We hit "save," and then once again, if we come back here to the main dashboard, we have all of the follow up emails already done for you. So, you can see immediately, they get that email three days later, six days later, eight days, nine days. So we have all this pre-built follow up in here that you don't have to mess with the copy and paste, even. Like, we've simplified it that much more. You don't even have to copy and paste, all right?

So, that link will be down in the description as well. So, quickly, guys, as a quick recap of everything we've covered today of the different real estate marketing ideas that you need to be implementing into your business is, first, going through and creating a 90-second to two minute video, telling your story, who you are, what you do, and how you can help people in your market. Then, you'll go through and basically, the same thing that you say in your video, you'll just put in this little post right here.

Okay, and then, using Facebook ads, we'll be able to promote that to everyone that lives within a 10 or 20 mile radius within your city, okay? And then, that's collecting all these people that are watching this video. You're getting all this brand awareness for just, literally, pennies per person that is actually watching this video right here.

And you can see, down here, I have almost 592,000 people, half a million people, that have watched this video already, all right? So, as far as branding goes, I have a lot of people I can go through and re market and re target, that they've already seen my face. They kind of got an idea of who I am, what I do, and it just makes it that much more simple as you're going through it, generating leads for your business. Leads are a lot more qualified, and your cost per lead is a lot lower, compared to those other big advertising sites like Trulia, Zillow, or even Realtor.com.

Okay, so this is a first one right here. The second one is this campaign right here, to go through and market your listing. And if you don't have a listing, go connect with another agent in your office, get their permission first, but go through and run this campaign right here. This works amazingly well. It just works time and time again. Just uses the exact same strategy that we give you guys step by step in this training, for all those who grab a free seven day trial. And then, the third marketing idea that you need to go through and implement is, if you don't have a listing but you still want to work with buyers, this is another one that is great. And the cool thing is, is you could be running all these campaigns at the exact same time.

Okay, so you can go through and be getting new people exposed to your brand with this video. You can be marketing your listing right here, and at the same time, you can be grabbing more buyer leads to go through and work with in your business, all right? So, anyway guys, hopefully this video was helpful. Once again, if you guys are brand new here, make sure you guys subscribe to the channel, because once a week we're gonna be launching new Facebook ad campaigns, new landing pages, email campaigns, for you to go through and implement into your business.

So, make sure you're subscribed. Hit that notification bell so you get notified every single time we launch a new campaign that will help you grow your real estate business. And also, if you guys found this video helpful, go ahead, give it a thumbs up. I would greatly appreciate that. And drop a comment down below. Let us know what you guys thought, what you guys liked, what you guys disliked, whatever. And we love to hear you guys. We'll respond to every single one of those comments, to help clarify any questions that you guys might have. And once again, you can grab a free seven day trial with these bonuses. Just let our support team know that you watched this exact video, and they'll hook you guys up with our listing leads training and our buyer leads training when you grab a free seven day trial to the Arsenal Mkg Lead Generation and CRM Software.

So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching today. Hope you guys all have an amazing day. And with that said, I will talk to you all later.

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