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How To Get Real Estate Leads For Realtors

What's up Realtors? Jason Wardrop here. In this video I'm going to break down how to generate real estate leads. Now this is in addition to all of the other things you might be doing like networking, referrals, or even door knocking or cold calling. I'm going to go through and show you guys how to generate leads with online marketing, digital marketing, Facebook ads, Google, all those different platforms. I'm going to break it down step by step to simplify the whole process for you.

Now for those of you guys who are new here on the channel, I've used this exact strategy to generate over 56,500 real estate leads in the last 24 months, and I've worked with now over 4,000 real estate agents and brokers in helping them get to a consistent two to five leads per day. This strategy works amazingly well, and in this video I'm going to break it down step by step so you'll know exactly what to do moving forward after this video.

All right so the first thing we need to talk about is the hard way of lead generation versus the easy way. There's two distinct things. The hard way is honestly what I see most agents and brokers doing with their Facebook ads, with their Google ads, if they're doing the SEO, search engine optimization, trying to get to the top page of Google. That's what they're doing and really guys this can be a whole lot easier. Let me just break this down of what the hard way looks like versus what the actual easy way looks like because I'm sure you guys are going to want the easier way. This is not a get rich quick or anything like that, but if you use the right strategies you can simplify your life a whole lot more and get to seeing a lot better results.

The hard way versus the easy guys, the hard way is just using a typical website. If you've got a website that's great and it's a good place to go through and be found. I'm not saying you shouldn't have a website, but a landing page actually converts about 10 to 25 times more visitors into leads than your typical website. Right now if you guys are watching this video, my guess is if you do have a website you're probably getting maybe one to three leads per month from that website, and it's super sporadic, and you don't really know next month how many leads you're going to get, or what day you're going to actually get those leads. It's just very inconsistent. If we jump over here ... I'm just going to pull up, we've got this website right here. I just want to break down why this is the hard way versus why a landing page is actually the easier way.

We've got this, I'm in Utah so I've pulled up this random website. If this is your website, I'm not picking it apart, it's a great website, but I just want to show you the comparison of a traditional real estate website for generating leads versus a landing page to generate leads. Now you look at this, up here this is good because you kind of have this thing drawing in of going through and searching for a price range, number of beds and baths, and that's a good concept, a good idea, but the thing is about most websites is you have so many other distractions on the website. We've got all these other links up here, we've got the call to actions of go through and contact them. Then we scroll down and we've got, this is good to have a little bit of a call to action to go through and get somebody's contact info. It looks like they're asking how much the home is actually worth. Then we scroll down. We've just got a lot more information.

You can see as you're scrolling through this there's a lot where you can get distracted. Now the thing is you might be thinking well Jason shouldn't I have a website, I probably should have a website still right. The answer is 100%. If you're going to go through and if somebody's searching in your name, or your company, your business on Google, you want to be able to have a website, or after you actually generate a lead you want to have a website where they can go through and search a little bit more, find out more about your business, read about whoever this guy, Scott Rozier, whoever this guy is right here, and then even see other listings and explore. But when you're spending money on paid advertising, so you're going and spending money on Facebook ads, or Google ads, or anything like that, if you're sending them to a page that looks like this, this is not the best page that you want to send them to.

Instead what we want to do is send them to a landing page that looks something very similar to this. There's a number of different landing pages, squeeze pages, lead generation pages, whatever you really want to call them, it's all kind of the same terminology here. But you look at this page and there's no other distractions on the page. There's no other call to actions, no other links or anything else, no other ads. It's just a background image and a simple call to action, headline, sub-headline and call to action. Like we said earlier, this is actually going to convert about 10 to 25 times more visitors that are visiting your site into actual leads. They click on this, it pops up, you get their first name, email and phone number. They hit submit and they become a lead in your database.

Now at this point, now that they've become a lead, on the next page you can go through and direct them to your website. You see how that makes sense? Also you have their email address so you can send them a followup email and say hey do you want to go explore and search new homes in the area, here's a link to my website. Then he's got this content down here. There's just that little minor bridge step before sending someone from an ad that you're paying for. That just gets very expensive if you're converting less than 1% of people visiting your website into actual leads. We use that landing page to simplify your life, get your ads a lot more cost effective, and bring more leads into your business where you're actually getting their name, phone number and email address, not just some like or comment on a Facebook post, or just some website visitor that's just browsing around.

All right so at this point you might be thinking well that's great Jason, I'm sold on the landing page, but how do I actually get a landing page set up. Now I'm not going to cover this in this video. I've got actually a lot of other videos on this channel talking about landing pages and different landing pages for buyer leads versus seller leads, or open house leads, or whatever you're going through. But if you actually hit the thumbs up button on this video and drop a comment down below, I will share a free in depth detailed training on how to get up the landing pages, how to get up the Facebook ads, how to get up everything to start getting a consistent flow of leads into your business.

Now moving on here. There's also, how we talked about the hard way versus the easy way, there's a fast way to generate leads versus a slower way. It's slower, but I'll show you how it can be just as effective, if not more effective long term than the fast way, but you've just got to have the right mindset and understand how this is all broken down. The fast way of going through and getting leads for your business, and we've worked with a number of agents and they're getting to a consistent two to five leads per day using this concept, is leveraging Facebook ads, or even leveraging Google ads. Now you guys have seen Facebook ads in your newsfeed in the right-hand column if you're on your laptop or your desktop computer. Then also Google ads, when you go type in a search term of like new homes in this area or whatever, these ads will pop up before the actual organic search results. People will actually go through and click on those and you can send them to your landing page.

The difference between a Facebook ad versus a Google ad, one the Facebook ad is going to be a little bit more cost effective, meaning your cost per lead is actually going to be a little bit lower. However, sometimes your Google ads can actually create higher qualified leads because you are finding people that are actually searching for the exact topic that you're going for. If somebody goes through and says home for sale in Salt Lake City, Utah, they're specifically looking for homes that are for sale, they're looking to buy, they have that intent. Whereas if you're on Facebook you have to go through and interrupt their attention and get that ad out there with a cool image or something like that, get some copy that brings them in, and then they click on it. It doesn't mean that they're not qualified, doesn't mean that they're not looking to buy, but someone on Google searching, they are specifically looking for that. Or how to sell my home in 30 days or something. Key words like that, people are actively looking for that topic.

Now Google ads, I mean I know it sounds great, but they can actually be about four to five times more expensive than Facebook ads. If you have the right followup in place with Facebook, and you have the right automations in place, you can actually generate a lot more leads for a lot less and sift and sort and find those qualified leads without you having to do the manual labor of going through and calling every single one of those leads and just wasting a lot of time. Whereas the slower way it's more of the organic SEO. That's search engine optimization. That's making it so your website shows up at the top of Google. If somebody types in homes for sale in Salt Lake City, then your website, you can see right here on this example you've got the PPC, the Google ads, the pay per click, that's what that stands for, they're going to show up first. But usually people know they're ads so a lot of times they don't click on those first. They'll go through what is called the organic results, the organic SEO, search engine optimization, and they click on your website, and you're able to bring in that free traffic.

Now the reason why I'm saying free traffic like that is because usually to get your website ranked at the top of Google, it can take a number of weeks or even months to get it to the top of Google for that specific keyword. But the nice thing is this is a long term strategy, so once you get ranked at the top of Google you're able to get traffic and leads coming in just organically without having to pay for anything, and it's a long term process. You get that ranked up there, and it pretty much is going to stay ranked. Obviously you can go through and have other competition coming in, but typically if you establish yourself as an authority and you get ranked up there at the top, it's really not too difficult to stay there. That's why I'm saying that the slower way, where it's an amazing way, it's an amazing strategy and I honestly if I was going to be in real estate for the long term, I would be focusing on both strategies. I would be focusing on paid advertising to get the results, and I'd also be focusing on getting my website ranked inside of Google's algorithm so I can be generating free traffic and free leads on the long term.

Breaking this all down guys, I want to just go through and break it down step by step of the way you really go through and get real estate leads. You're going to be using, on the left here we've got this kind of little funnel type aspect. You're going to be using Facebook advertising, or Google advertising, or you could use Instagram ads, or any of these other platforms where people are hanging out to get exposure. Then instead of clicking and going to your website or your blog, you're going to be sending these people to a landing page, or a lead capture page, or squeeze page. Those are all synonymous terms. They basically mean the exact same thing. It's basically you're going through and capturing a lead, someone's name, their phone number, and email address.

I like to think of it like going to a networking event. You go meet a lot of people and you don't get anyone's business card. That's kind of like sending someone to your website. You go through, you send a lot of people to your website, and you've got a lot of people searching around, you're meeting some people, but you never get their contact information so you can't followup. Whereas the landing page or lead capture page is grabbing that person's contact information, getting their business card, so then after that networking event, after you went through and met them, you're like oh man they were great it would be awesome to do business with them, you can actually followup with them and do business with them. You've go their name, phone, and email. Then going through and having an automated email and text marketing followup in place to followup with all those leads.

Now I know I haven't covered this in this video, and I'm not going to dive deep into this because I've got a number of other videos on the followup for real estate. Also, I dive deep into the email and text marketing followup in 100% free training that I mentioned a little bit earlier guys. If you guys give this video a thumbs up, and you comment down below, what I will do is I will share that 100% free training with you or breakdown this lead generation process in more detail, the Facebook ads, and the email and text marketing followup, and what we've used with the followup to pretty much eliminate the need for cold calling in your business. Now I don't know about you guys but I absolutely hate cold calling. I haven't made a cold call in about four years after using this strategy. I want to go through and share that with you guys on this training because it's super powerful.

We had an agent who would go through and use this. In their very first month they were able to close two deals from social media and make $13,000 in commissions. That was all 100% from social media. That was in addition to any referrals, networking, or anything else that they were doing. It's pretty cool, pretty powerful strategy, so just give this video a thumbs up, comment down below, and let me know if you guys want that training and I will share that with you 100% for free, and be able to help you out with your real estate business.

All right guys so hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you guys are brand new here, my name is Jason Wardrop. If you guys like this video, or if you want that training, make sure you guys give it a thumbs up, comment right down below. And, as I said, if you guys are brand new here, make sure you guys subscribe and hit that notification bell. That will notify you every single time I launch a new video. Or sometimes I go and do live trainings, and I would love to have you guys on my live trainings to be able to go through and interact with you, answer questions, get feedback, and know how I can help serve and help you guys out better with your business. Anyway guys, with that said, thanks so much for watching today. Give this video a thumbs up, comment down below if you guys want that free training. With that said, I will see you all later.

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