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The ‘Secret’ Trick That Boosted My Leads By 1,340%

So if you’re like me and almost every business owner out there today, you know you need a website to help grow and market your business, right?

But the real question is, How many leads are you actually seeing from your website? 1 a day? 1 a week? 1 a month? 10 a day?

If you’re like most agents & brokers I meet with, the answer is a big fat 0… or maybe 1-2/month if you’re lucky.

And honestly, that’s exactly where I was with my business before I discovered this simple trick that boosted my lead generation by 1,340%.

At the time...

  • I had a website

  • I would get people to my website

  • But I never saw any leads

So I figured the problem was because I wasn’t on Facebook… Facebook had to be the answer because there were over a billion people on Facebook, right?

So I went through and tried connecting my Facebook page to my website and ended up wasting thousands of dollars doing it.

It’s kinda like trying to put a square block into a round hole

Or trying to connect an extension cord with 2 male ends of the cord, right?

It just doesn’t work..

And that is what my mentor told me a few years back when I was first starting my business.

He then went on to tell me that in order to make Facebook work, or Instagram or Twitter, or YouTube or any other site out there, that you had to use something called a landing page (aka a lead capture page).

A lead capture page does exactly what it sounds like... It captures leads.

And a landing page or lead capture page is a simple site just like this one right here that has no other distractions on the page, no other ads, links or anything else, but everything is kept as clear and concise as possible so you can grab the visitor’s contact information and follow up with them.

Unlike your website, a landing page or lead capture page will convert about 10 - 25% of people visiting the page into leads… as opposed to your main website that typically gets you less than 1% of people visiting your site to become leads.

So to put that in perspective, if you have 100 people visiting your main website… you might get lucky to get just 1 lead.

Whereas with a landing page, you can get as many as 10-25 leads with the same amount of people visiting your site!

So now, instead of making a post on Facebook or Twitter, or any of these other sites and sending them to your main website, you will now want to send them to a simple lead capture page, so you can grab their contact information and generate a REAL qualified lead.

And that’s what I did with my business and went from generating a dozen or so leads per week to over 468 leads my very first week by simply sending people to my landing page or lead capture page instead of my main website or a blog.

Are you ready to start generating more leads for your business?

Do you want to see how a landing page works in action?

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