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‘Copy & Paste’ Winning Facebook Ad Formulas!

When it comes to generating leads in any market, it all comes down to connecting with your audience based on their wants & needs.

On Facebook, you can do this with the written word (text in the post) and through imagery (images or videos within the post).

After spending well over $100k on Facebook advertising in the last 6 months, here’s what we’ve found has worked best time and time again.

We’ve broken down the ad formulas that you can copy & paste so you can implement them into your real estate business and start seeing leads in your inbox by this time tomorrow.

The Formula

1 - Call out your audience

2 - Tell them why they should listen

3 - Give them a teaser

4 - Have a Call to Action

Step #1 - Call Out Your Audience

Any successful business knows exactly who their ideal demographic is. This can be a certain age group, income level, interest, or even a certain city, state, or country someone lives in.

As you can see in the example ad above, right out of the gate we’re calling out our ideal audience.

This is a Facebook post (ad) for seller leads. So we are calling out:

1 - Homeowners &

2 - Residence of a specific city/county

As we set up our post we can target people who live in that specific city AND people in that city who own homes.

Just think about it, have you ever had an advertisement come up and you felt like they were speaking directly to you?

Most ads are annoying to me, but when I feel like they are speaking directly to me then I see them as helpful. And this same concept applies when you are creating your ads for your real estate business.

Step #2 - Tell them why they should listen

Now that you have called out your ideal target audience and you have their attention, you need to give them a good reason to stick around to listen to what you have to say.

Often times this can be done by asking a question to get them thinking. Like in this example post, ‘Do you want to increase the value of your home?’

What homeowner does not want to increase the value of their home, right?

And then a good follow up would be something of value that can help them solve that question.

What’s most effective here is something that can be tangible that they can receive in exchange for entering their contact information on your landing page.

Like in the example above, a PDF/Video/Guide to ‘7 Simple Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home.’

Step #3 - Give Them A Teaser

When I think of the word Teaser, I think of a ‘teaser trailer’ that Hollywood does for new movies that are coming out.

They give you a quick ‘Teaser’ to get you all excited for the movie without revealing everything.

Many times the ‘Teaser’ can be even more exciting than the actual end product!

In this example ad above, we give people a teaser in the form of images (also can easily be done with video).

We give them 9-12 photos of the home we have listed in the ad, and tell them there are 27 more photos for them of this home once they enter their contact information on your landing page.

We want to give them just a quick teaser of the front of the home and a few interior shots to ‘tease’ them a bit and get them excited for the rest of the photos, and eventually to schedule a showing of the home with you.

What works best here is picking the best looking photos of the home so it is more enticing for people to click through and become a lead.

(Note: If you’re not a great photographer, hire someone who can take some nice pictures and the quality of your leads will improve dramatically.)

Step #4 - Provide a Call to Action

Now that you have called out your ideal audience, given them a reason to listen to you, and given them a quick teaser of what is to come, it’s now time to tell them what to do next.

You’ll want to provide some actionable text within the Facebook post and a link to click on so they know where to go next.

You are doing people a disservice if you are not providing the next step to get more information.

Multiple call to action links is never a bad thing. You want to make it as simple as possible for people to get to the next step and get what you are offering.


Now you have the exact formula (plus several proven, high converting Facebook posts) to creating successful Facebook ads so you can generate more leads.

For a more in depth look at all of our Facebook ads, and how to set everything up, be sure to join us on our free, live training tomorrow. You can register here.

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