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How to Generate HOT Leads In Your Area For Under $3!

When it comes to generating leads for your real estate business there are 3 key things you need in place to be successful.

1 - A Facebook Page

2 - A Landing Page aka Lead Capture Page

3 - A Proven Follow Up System

I want to walk you through one of the HOTTEST lead generation campaigns in the real estate market today that has consistently generated leads for $1-3/lead on average and for as low as $.37/lead!

This lead generation campaign is for your listings. Duplicate this campaign every time you get a new listing and it will work wonders for you.

Step #1 - The Facebook Post

(View Example Facebook Post Here)

Breaking it down…

Newsfeed text: As you can see above, in the first line we want to give a quick glimpse of the overall property.

You can use fun hash tags like: #newlisting, #prelisted, #hotlisting, etc. to draw attention since Facebook will highlight hash tags in blue so it stands out a bit more from all the other posts.

Emoji’s are also another fun thing to use in your post to stand out and be different than all of the other boring posts in the newsfeed.

(NOTE: Facebook advertising is interruption marketing since they are not seeking you out. That’s why it’s important to have things like emoji’s and hash tags to stand out)

Then it’s good to give a quick overview of the property. Ex. 3 beds/2 baths

Between each line it’s good to double space the text so it is easier on the eye and simple to read. When you make your post 1 large clump of text, no one will read it no matter what you’re offering.

Then it’s good to give a quick call to action (link to your landing page) for those who just want to get straight to the point.

After the call to action you’ll want to add about 2 short paragraphs highlighting the best features of the home. Ex. Stainless steel appliances, 10ft ceilings, 3 car garage, pool, etc.

Then to wrap up the text provide another call to action for everyone who read through your post in its entirety.


Pick the best 10-12 photos you have of the home (with a front shot of the home first), and upload them into the post.

This gives the viewer a bit of a teaser so they can decide if they want to see the rest of the images of the home.

(NOTE: The screenshot above is just using a simple Facebook Post. If you’re in the ads manager they’ll ask you for a Headline. You can simply put: ‘Get Instant Access To The Price & Pictures Of This Home!)

Step #2 - The Landing Page aka Lead Capture Page

The landing page is simple and to the point.

You will want to upload the front image of the home you used on your Facebook post so there is consistency in your campaign.

Then all you need to do is copy & paste the headline, sub-headline, and call to action we use in the example above.

(Note: To access this campaign inside of Arsenal MKG, just click on ‘Create Another Website’ and then choose the ‘Listing Leads’ campaign and this will already be pre-built for you.)

We will typically collect the visitors name, phone number, and email address on this page so we have multiple ways to follow up with this person.

Congratulations! You’ve generated a lead.

Step #3 - A Proven Follow Up System

Immediately after a visitor becomes a lead, we will want to send them an email with a link to all of the photos of the property, the price, and the address as promised.

The second step that we’ll want to do (that most agents miss out on), is invite them to schedule a phone call with you to see the home.

You can use a simple appointment scheduling app like Calendly to do this. It’s 100% free and integrates perfectly with Gmail, Outlook, and Arsenal MKG.

You can do this via email, and to maximize your follow up we also recommend you shoot them a text message to get them on your calendar immediately.

This can all be done on auto-pilot so you don’t have to worry about it.

(For a more ‘in-depth’ description on the follow up, check this blog post out here.)

Wrap Up

And there you go!

You have your listing leads campaign all set up and ready to start generating leads for you on auto-pilot.

For a more in depth look at all of our lead generation campaigns, the ads, and how to set everything up, be sure to join us on our free, live training tomorrow. You can register here.)

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