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[Realtors] 5 Facebook Ad + Landing Page Examples For Your Lead Generation

Over the last few months I have been able to oversee tens of thousands of leads generated in the real estate space.

As we're nearing the end of the year and you're looking to ramp up your real estate business in 2017, I wanted to share the exact ad campaigns (Facebook posts/Ads + Landing Pages) that have been working the best in the real estate industry!

Let's take a look!

Buyer Leads - What's working now!

The main goal here is to give enough information to pique interest, without unveiling all the details.

For any given listing you will have a number of photos (in this case 36 photos) of the home. We pull out the top 10-12 photos that are the most eye catching (starting with a basic shot of the front of the home) and use these photos in our Facebook post (the ad) to pique interest.

As you can see in the copy, we give them some specs on the home, but hold back the exact address, the price, and the rest of the photos. In order to get all of the information they must click the link in the post, go to the landing page (as seen above) and enter their name, phone, & email to get more information.

Realtors using this exact campaign are seeing leads in the $1-2 range on average.

Buyer Leads - Facebook Lead Ad Example

This ad example is a similar strategy to the campaign above, however, instead of sending them to a landing page to grab their contact information, we are using a Facebook Lead Form to grab their information.

This is a successful campaign because Facebook will auto-populate the Lead Form with the contact information they have on file for that person. Which is great, because this increases the quality of the lead information and minimizes the amount of 'fake' leads (fake contact info being entered by the website visitor).

Facebook gives you access to this lead information in a downloadable CSV file but the extraction process is pretty tedious if you're just using Facebook's downloadable CSV file alone.

That is why we created an integration with Facebook Lead Ad's here at Arsenal MKG to automate the whole process. The lead's info automatically syncs with Arsenal MKG's CRM and you can add an automated email & SMS follow up as well.

Open House Lead Generation Example

As you can see, the layout for a successful lead generation campaign is very similar from one offer to another. You just need to make sure you have the right offer and call to action to incentivize the website visitor to become a lead.

As part of this Open House Campaign, we have a very similar Facebook post as the Buyer Leads Facebook post (seen above). However, this time we are giving a specific time & address to the Open House that you will be holding.

You'll want to provide some of the details of the home (# of beds, baths, other fun features) and a link to your landing page so they can get more photos & an e-brochure, or in this case, a video walkthrough and an e-brochure.

Note: All of these landing page examples can also be interchanged for a Facebook Lead Form and vice versa.

Seller Leads Campaign - Celebrating Your Successes!

One of the best ways to generate leads is by celebrating past successes. Home owners looking to sell their home want to list their home with a Realtor who gets results!

Once you sell a home, post it on your Facebook page and let people know that you have a number of leads (from the previous listing you just sold) that are still looking for a home in the area.

When they click the link in your post, they will go to a landing page (like the one above) and be able to put in their home's address, followed by their contact information (name, phone, & email).

All of this information will automatically sync with your Arsenal MKG CRM so you have all of the information (address, name, phone, email) on file and it's easy to access.

Seller Leads - Win a Free Cruise!

Here is a great campaign to get Seller Leads in your area. You can offer a 'Free Cruise' or another offer that is interchangeable with this one is a 'Free $500 Visa Cash Card' if they sell their home with you.

This works great because it is a catchy offer (I mean, who wouldn't want a free cruise or $500 Visa Cash Card, right?) and the price you'll pay once the transaction goes through is minimal compared to the commissions you'll make.

This example is using a Facebook Lead Form, however, the same concept would work if you are sending them directly to a landing page.

Wrap Up

Well there you have it! 5 high-converting lead generation offers to help you grow your business in the upcoming year.

You can model the Facebook posts/ads & the landing pages/lead forms now for your business to start seeing immediate success!

Don't know the best place to create your landing pages, automate your follow up sequences, and sync your Facebook Lead Forms with your CRM?

You can get started with Arsenal MKG's free 14 day trial and get access to the exact landing page templates used in this post. We also make the Facebook Lead Form integration extremely simple and you can have everything set up with just 3 clicks.

Go here to grab your free 14 day trial to the Arsenal MKG social lead generation software to help you automate your lead generation and sales in 2017!

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