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4 Must-Read Tips For Building Your Brand - Arsenal MKG

Welcome to the quick start guide to creating a sustainable brand online. If you want to grow your brand to 100k Followers, 1 Million Followers, or more… then there are a few key things you MUST do to lay a solid foundation for future growth.

In this post I’ll walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to establish a meaningful presence online to remain RELEVANT and VISIBLE in the years to come…

Step 1 – Create Your Brand

Identify Your Ideal Target Customer – Download The PDF (No Opt-In Required)

Ask Yourself:

What are their biggest struggles/pains?

How will your product or service help them overcome their


What can you teach/show them BEFORE they work with you

that will help them out?

What’s the 1 thing you want your ideal target customer to believe/understand about you and your business that will make all other concerns irrelevant?

Use this formula:

‘If I can get my Ideal Target Customer to believe ____________________... Then they will become a client/customer.'

EX. [Fitness] If I can get my Ideal Target Customer to believe that I (You) have a NEW & Better way that they can lose weight… Then they will become a client/customer.

EX. [Marketing] If I can get my Ideal Target Customer to believe that I can help them generate more leads on Facebook for a fraction of the cost… Then they will become a client/Customer.

EX. [Real Estate] If I can get my Ideal Target Customer to believe that I can help them find their dream home easier/faster/for less money/etc.… Then they will become a client/Customer.

Ok now that we have that in place, the next thing we need to understand is that no matter what product or service you are selling, your customers will always have objections to whether or not they truly believe that your 1 big idea is possible for them.

Example #1 [Fitness Objection] – I’ve already tried everything (diets & programs) and I can’t lose weight

Example #2 [Marketing Objection] – Generating leads on Facebook is probably expensive and you probably need a big following.

Example #3 [Real Estate Objection] -

Now list the top 20 Objections that your Ideal Target Customer may have pertaining to the 1 Thing you’re wanting your Ideal Target Customer to believe/understand…



3. ____________________________

4. ____________________________

5. ____________________________

Etc. ___________________________

How will you help them overcome their objections? What is the solution to each of their 20 objections?



3. ____________________________

4. ____________________________

5. ____________________________

Etc. ___________________________

This sets us up for Step 2…

Step 2 – Add Massive Value

To add massive value, you need to post daily to Social Media –

Here's marketing expert Jeff Walker to tell us why...

What should you post?

For starters, you now have a list of 20 objections (or thoughts running through your Ideal Target Customers mind) so for the first 20 days you can start by addressing those objections and how you can help them overcome them.

I have found most recently, that the best vehicle to use when posting is Facebook LIVE. You can create real, valuable content right on the spot.

Plus, Facebook is rewarding those who are currently doing Facebook LIVE videos with more exposure to their brand. So you might as well ride the wave while it lasts!

Download The Facebook LIVE Quick Start Guide

Do a Facebook LIVE daily to gain some momentum for your brand and create your Facebook LIVE video at the same time each day so your followers know when to tune in and watch you.

After you create your Facebook LIVE video, boost your post with $5-10 to gain maximum exposure.

I used this boosting posts strategy to get 848 video views from my first Facebook LIVE video with just $5! And that was creating a new Facebook page and starting completely from scratch.

3 – Connect With Influencers

Ok now that you’re posting each day, it’s time to connect with other influencers to leverage their networks to grow yours.

Just think, if you interviewed 10 influencers in your niche that had just 10k followers… You are now able to reach 100k people with 10 simple 20-minute interviews.

So here’s what to do:

  1. Create a list of the top 100 influencers in your niche. If you don’t know who they are, do your homework and find out who they are.

  2. Contact each and every influence via Facebook message, email, phone call, etc. (I like to use an Excel or Google spreadsheet to keep track of everything.

  3. Lead with a short and concise message:

  4. Ex. ‘Hey [Name] – I’m putting together a [Enter Your Niche – Fitness expo] with several of the top influencers in the fitness niche. Would love you to be a part of it. Mind if I send more info?’

  5. Make it a goal to interview 1-2 influencers in your niche each month. Reaching out to people is a numbers game. You might have to reach out to 15-20 people to get 1 interview. But once you get that one, leverage their name to get others and it will become easier.

  6. Now that you have your first interview complete,

  7. Post it to your Facebook page, YouTube, your blog, email it to your email list, and post it anywhere else you have a presence.

  8. Invite the influencer to share it with all of their followers

  9. Use Facebook ads to promote the video to their following. They will recognize the influencer you’re interviewing and be more open to watching YOUR video and then they will be more open to wanting to find out who you are.

Step 4 – Rinse & Repeat Steps 2 & 3 Daily/Weekly/Monthly

The more interviews you do and the more value you add to your following through daily Facebook LIVE videos and emailing your list the quicker you will see the snowball affect start to take place and you will start gaining followers, leads, and making sales daily.

This is the quick start guide I would tell anyone to follow no matter what industry they’re in. I’ve used it, many of my marketing friends have used it, and it just flat out works!

What strategies have you used to build your following that have worked in the past? Comment below to share with everyone

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